Graphic Design Degree

Graphic Design combines elements of studio art, digital technology and artistic design to prepare the student for a career in today's world. The Graphic Design degree program embraces the entire range of visual communication. The program provides a robust curriculum of conceptual problem solving, innovation, critical thinking, formal design and branding.





A few required classes - full list available


Art 201 Fundamentals of Color and Design -- An examination of the principles, theories, and concepts of color and design and their application to two and three dimensional design. There will be formal exercises which are aimed at assisting the students in the development of sensitivity to color, composition, and form- making. 


Art 205 Photography -- A basic introduction to the equipment, materials, and techniques, encompassing both digital and traditional film, for producing quality photographic prints, as well as the aesthetic and compositional concepts related to the art of photography. 


Art 211 Drawing I -- Basic visual concepts and materials traditionally associated with the art of drawing. 


Art 223 Graphic Reproduction Techniques -- Introduction to the art of printmaking, including project work in linocut, woodcut, drypoint, etching, engraving, silk-screen, and combined media.


Art 302 Fundamentals of Graphic Design Software -- An introduction to the standard industry software and vocabulary used in the Graphic Design field. Application of principles, theories, and concepts of color and design through basic software programs including but not limited to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Adobe After Effects/Flash. Four credits.




Career Paths

There are many career paths you can take as a

graphic designer. Here are a few of them.


Creative Director
Freelance Designer
Package Design Director
Print Designer
Strategic Branding Director
Visual Designer







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