Studio Art Degree

Studio Art provides students with an in-depth study of aesthetic principles, art history, and hands-on studio experiences in drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture,photography, and printmaking. The program prepares graduates both for professional careers in the arts and graduate programs in fine arts. The combination of an intensive liberal arts background with studio arts proficiency skills and practical experience will help students investigate and integrate their knowledge and perspectives in today's technologically changing world and will give them the background needed for a career in the arts.



A few required classes - full list available


Art 201 Design I -- An examination of the principles, theories, and concepts of color and design and their application to two and three dimensional design. There will be formal exercises which are aimed at assisting the students in the development of sensitivity to color, composition, and form- making.


Art 205 Photography -- A basic introduction to the equipment, materials, and techniques for producing good photographic prints, as well as the aesthetic concepts related to the art of photography.  


Art 206 Sculpture -- Introduction to three-dimensional materials, techniques, and additive and subtractive sculptural processes. 


Art 211 Drawing I -- Basic visual concepts and materials traditionally associated with the art of drawing.    


Art 221 Painting I -- Beginning course designed to introduce the student to basic materials and painting techniques, including, watercolors, acrylics, and oils. Emphasis on expressive effect and the emotional nature and impact of the art work. 



Career Paths

In addition to becoming a studio artist, graduates of LR's Studio Art program could develop a career in the following related areas:

Professor of art
Arts management
K-12 art teacher
Museum educator
Museum curator
Exhibition design
Historic preservation
Gallery owner
Art Therapy






Contact Info:

Clay James
Office: Art Building
Phone: (828)328-7165

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